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Our purpose is to create and deliver a high quality hearing solution that allows people to rediscover the power of connection, regardless of their geographic location or economic circumstance.

Industry-Leading Technology

Decades of industry experience drive our innovative product research and premium device quality.


Ready-to-use straight out of the box with hassle-free self-adjustment enabled by our free mobile app.


Our unique manufacturing and direct sales model allows us to provide state of the art products at an economical price.

Research Evidence


The value of our hearing technology has been supported by independent research from leading research institutions across the United States and internationally.

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We are committed to ensuring that everyone has easy access to premium-quality hearing solutions. That’s why all our extra features and services come included in our price.


$349 each


$449 each / $735 per pair


$280 each / $500 per pair

Who we are


Dr. Stavros Basseas

Dr. Stavros Basseas

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 30 years of industry experience in the hearing aid industry and previous CTO at GN Resound.

David Green

David Green


Social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow with over 30 years of global health strategy implementation.

Cindy Kaempfer

Cindy Kaempfer


Over 15 years of corporate financial management, forecasting, and analysis experience.

Wayne Bayever

Wayne Bayever

VP of Engineering

Over 25 years of industry experience in advanced signal processing technology.

Sargon Khamo

Sargon Khamo

Chief Audiologist & Director of Sales

Over 15 years of experience as a clinical audiologist and expertise in acoustics sales and marketing strategy.

Rony Michael

Rony Michael





After years observing the failure of the hearing aid industry to effectively address the global epidemic of hearing loss, Dr. Stavros Basseas, a technologist with more than 30 years of experience, and David Green, an award-winning social entrepreneur with a global track record, set out to create affordable yet high-quality hearing solutions for the millions of people worldwide suffering from unaddressed hearing loss.

Vision for a Hearing Aid

The requirement was for a technologically advanced but easily programmable hearing device using readily available consumer electronics components in order to produce a robust and affordable solution that would accessible to all consumers.


In 2013, Sound World Solutions launched its first product, the CS10 Buetooth Series Personal Sound Amplifier, after 4 years of intense research and development.

Scaling Services

After Sound World Solutions’ parent became NantSound in 2014, reflecting the company’s membership under the Nantworks family of companies, we have gained the capability to scale in our ability to continue to offer our high-quality products to a wider range of customers.

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