Sound World CS10 on Fox News Chicago

Following the lead of John Ydstie of NPR’s Morning Addition, Fox News Chicago covers the efforts of our founder, Stavros Basseas, and the availability of our first product, the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier. An excerpt of Chicago man’s invention offers new hope for the hard of hearing” by Lisa Chavarria is posted below:


Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, but a Chicago area man has invented a much cheaper alternative.

Stavros Basseas is the president of Sound World Solutions. He was previously an engineer working in the hearing aid field.

Basseas opened his business hoping to help developing countries find hearing aids where there are none available. That opened another opportunity here in the United States.

“You need to give people some options for them to understand how much they’re missing,” Basseas explains. “How much easier it would be, having the reading glasses to read the newspaper and for having the amplifier to help you out in difficult situations?”

His invention is called CS10 and uses Bluetooth technology to give people back their hearing. It looks exactly like a small Bluetooth, except it serves as an undercover amplifier. You can control it by following the instructions spoken to you in the earpiece or you can connect to it with your smartphone.

“You can actually adjust the volume, you can adjust the treble, you can adjust the bass,” says Basseas.


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