Our Mission

Our mission is easy to describe – to create and deliver high quality, affordable hearing devices that allow people to rediscover the power of connection, no matter what their geographic location or economic circumstance happens to be. To succeed in that mission, we have had to start from the ground up in every component of the system… from how the product is designed and produced, to how the individual has their hearing screened and gets fitted, to the types of organizations that we work with to deliver our solutions to those in need.

The scale of the need worldwide is immense. According to numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 600 million people with severe hearing loss. Add in those with more moderate forms of loss and you near the 1 billion mark. Against that backdrop of need, the traditional hearing aid industry is selling about 10 million products per year. Of those, fewer than 1 million devices make their way out of the US or Western Europe.


So our mission is simple, really – to change this equation, with a particular focus on the parts of the world not currently being served.

At Sound World Solutions, we are all driven by this common goal and a shared set of values. We think those are hard to share and tend to lack depth and resonance when presented in a few printed words. So we asked filmmaker Nic Askew to help us capture the ‘story of us’ in a way that is perhaps more relatable.

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