Our History


Conversion Sound, the parent company of Sound World Solutions, was founded in 2007 by Dr. Stavros Basseas and David Green. Stavros, a technologist with more than 30 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry, witnessed firsthand the isolation suffered by people with hearing loss and the failure of the industry to address the global epidemic of hearing loss. For David Green, an award-winning social entrepreneur specializing in healthcare projects, this was familiar territory. Together, the two created a company with the mission of bringing affordable and practical solutions to the nearly 1 billion people in the world who need hearing assistance.

The requirement was for a technologically advanced, but easily programmable hearing assistance device utilizing readily available consumer electronics components rather than more expensive custom hearing aid components. Their solution used Bluetooth technology for its powerful processing capabilities, and which also allowed the product to be adjusted by a tablet computer or smartphone. This was ideal for vast regions of the world where conventional diagnostic equipment simply isn’t available. You can read more about our new approach here.


After months of research and development, the result was a solution that can serve millions of people in developing nations where distribution of conventional hearing aids is not practical.


Sound World Solutions was established in 2011 to market these solutions.


The first product, the CS10 Bluetooth Series Personal Sound Amplifier, was launched in 2013. Later that year, the company began pilot testing their innovative fitting system in developing markets.


In 2014, the parent company changed names to become NantSound Inc. The change reflects the ownership stake taken by NantWorks, a company run by Patrick Soon-Shiong. NantSound aligns well with the Nant-family of companies, all of whom are focused on changing the face of healthcare.

The company’s design platform and solutions can address hearing health on a global scale. But more importantly, it enables people everywhere who suffer from hearing loss to rediscover the power of connection -­‐ to end their isolation, re-engage in social situations and more fully participate in the hearing world.


Today, Sound World Solutions has grown to offer solutions in both personal sound amplifier and hearing aid variations in developed markets. The company remains focused on their mission and continually developing solutions that redefine the affordability and accessibility of hearing help.

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