Wayne Bayever

V.P. of Engineering

Wayne Bayever is a highly accomplished software developer and engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in advanced signal processing technology. He is an expert in dozens of technologies with applications in audio electronics and circuit design and is fluent in several programming languages and databases. Wayne is a respected problem-­solver on complex issues with a keen understanding of technologies at the system level. He is an effective advisor with many years of client contact experience, and has devoted his career to revolutionary improvements in audio amplification technology for people with hearing impairment.

Wayne began his career in an electrical engineering consulting role at The Institute for Plasma and Fusion Research, working on a variety of technologies including equipment monitoring systems, data transmission, error correction and web-­based projects. He went on to engineering positions with Xerox Corporation, and Geneer Corporation where he consulted on software projects for The Boeing Company. In 2001, he joined GN Resound, where he designed and led development of global software solutions for fitting hearing aids and implemented review processes to achieve low defect rates.

In 2007, he created Ten Sphere, Inc. to commercialize system-­level design services and architecture for hearing assistance products. As a consultant to Conversion Sound, Sound World Solutions’ parent company, he developed software and hardware engineering solutions to create a revolutionary personal sound amplification device using reliable and cost-­effective off-­the-­shelf components, as well as tools for fitting and performance optimization.

Wayne earned his B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, where he specialized in digital signal processing and completed his master’s thesis on the design and implementation of a Formant Vocoder.