Success Questionnaire

Have you thought about getting hearing help – even just for certain situations - but you don’t want to make multiple trips to an audiologist? YOU MAY NOT NEED TO! Answer just a few questions, and we’ll help you decide whether you are likely to be successful addressing your hearing issues on your own! Start Questionnaire
Have you had your hearing tested within the past 2 years?
We highly recommend that you get your hearing tested.
I own the following devices: (Select all that apply)
When I have a medical issue,
When faced with a problem,

Results Key

40+ Great! Our hearing aids were made for you! You will enjoy the control that you have using our apps.
30 - 35 Excellent! You have what it takes to fit our hearing aids on your own! Feel free to contact customer support if you get stuck; we are here to help.
10 - 25 You should probably see an audiologist or hearing aid specialist to get fitted with standard hearing aids. However, if you know someone (who is comfortable with technology) to help you with initial set up, and you are willing to try our great priced, great sounding hearing aids, please consider taking advantage of our 45-day money back guarantee. If the hearing aids don’t work for you, just return them. You have nothing to lose.