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Personal Sound Amplifier: The CS10

It may look like an ordinary Bluetooth mobile telephone headset. But don't let the sleek, hi-tech design fool you. The CS10 is also a personal sound amplifier and is completely customizable to help you hear everything happening around you with crystal clarity. In addition to three preset amplification profiles, you can use your Android smartphone or tablet, or a Bluetooth enabled computer to personalize the device through our CS10 Customizer App. And best of all, the CS10 is surprisingly affordable.

Consider an Upgrade to the CS50

CS50 Personal Sound Amplifier vs. CS10The CS50 represents the next evolution of personal sound amplification from Sound World Solutions, and offers all of the following at a retail price that is just $100 more than the CS10:

See the full side-by-side CS50 and CS10 comparison here

Both the CS10 & CS50 Are Perfect For:

Boardrooms & CS10 Sound Amplification from Sound World  Restaurants & Bars and the CS10  Home and the CS10  Public Spaces and the CS10  On the go with the CS10

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The CS50 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee from Sound World Solutions