Personal Sound Amplifier: The Sidekick

*Available through resellers only.
See the Companion, our hearing aid equivalent.
Sidekick Personal Sound Amplifier

Comfortable Form, Discreet Design

  • Easily adjusts for personal fit
  • Slim style for behind-the-ear placement
  • Three color choices
    • White Gold metallic, Steel Grey metallic, Black Pearl metallic

Superior Performance Wherever You Go

  • Everyday mode personalized for you
  • Restaurant mode for noisy conditions
  • Entertainment mode for music, movies, and theater experiences

Ready to Use

Bluetooth Ready

Rechargeable Battery

  • 18 Hours of battery life
  • Micro-USB port
  • Easy outlet charging

The Sidekick

The Sound World Solutions Sidekick Personal Sound Amplifier is a slim fit, low profile solution that can be worn on one or both ears and remains nearly invisible from most angles. Like the other hearables that we offer, the Sidekick offers completely customizable amplification to help you hear everything with crystal clarity. With the controls on the Sidekick, you can use it right out of the box. You can also pair it via a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone (4s, 5, or 6), Android, or desktop computer and use it to take and make phone calls, stream music or audio, and to completely personalize your device via our free Customizer App.

The Sidekick provides 18 hours of life per charge on its rechargeable battery, and recharging is quick and easy – just plug the charging cable directly into the base of the unit. Also included are several different sizes of our specially designed ear tips that provide excellent comfort and a great seal to reduce feedback.

The Sidekick is also multi-lingual. For all of the common settings on the device, the Sidekick provides voice prompts in your choice of 4 languages. So instead of simply hearing beeps, you will hear a voice confirming such changes as "Volume Up", "Volume Down", "Connected", or "Battery Low".

Don't be fooled by the affordability and ease of use, though. The Sidekick incorporates state of the art technology, including multi-channel compression and noise reduction, output compression, feedback cancellation, and directional microphones. All typically found in devices costing thousands of dollars.

Perhaps the best news is that the Sidekick does all of this at an incredibly affordable price – just $399 for a single unit, and $635 for a pair.

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