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Stavros Basseas and David Green decided to do something about the millions of people in the world who need hearing help but have limited funds and no access to services. Here in the US, we have an extensive network of medical and hearing health professionals to address the need for hearing aids plus hearing aid batteries are available at any corner pharmacy. This supply chain just doesn’t exist in emerging nations. But what they typically do have are cell phone towers and at least some access to cell phones. This was a good jumping off point to begin the project. 

Visiting India

- Monday, June 23, 2014

A team from Sound World Solutions that included both of our co-founders recently traveled to India to explore opportunities and meet with prospective partners for the social mission aspect of our business. With only a few days available on this particular trip, the team spent a couple of days in Mumbai, followed by a couple of days in Bangalore. The meetings went well, and we expect to be able to share details about our company's next steps in the reasonably near future. What the trip reinforced for all of us, though, was just how vibrant India is as a marketplace. There are so many people, so much need, and such a strong drive for fulfilling those needs, that one cannot help but come away impressed with the people and the place.