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Sound World Once Again in the New York Times

- Monday, March 24, 2014

CS50 Personal Sound Amplifier in the New York TimesIn Sunday's New York Times Technology Section, Sound World Solutions and our new CS50 Bluetooth personal sound amplifier was covered in Anne Eisenberg's article, Just Don't Call Them Hearing Aids. Below is an excerpt:

"One company in the market, Sound World Solutions, will introduce a second version of its CS10 Bluetooth-enabled sound amplifier and app in April, said Kevin Daniels, director of sales and marketing. The new model, called the CS50 and costing $399, allows wearers to program and control the in-ear amplifier via free apps for Android and iPhone smartphones. Both left- and right-ear versions are available.

"The product looks much like a Bluetooth headset, and not by accident. 'We designed it to look like a Bluetooth device, and not to look like a hearing aid,' Mr. Daniels said. The model lets users set their own auditory profiles, or use one of the preset levels, including one for the clamor of busy restaurants.

"Users can also stream music or audiobooks and make mobile phone calls, Mr. Daniels said. 'Whatever you pair this device to,' he said, 'it will play the audio in the device.' It uses a low-energy form of Bluetooth that lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, he said."

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