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 I recently saw a video on the Hearing Loss of American Association (HLAA) Facebook page about a smart young man named Ethan Manuell. Ethan is an 8th grade audiology patient who did a science project on extending the life of the tiny zinc oxide button cell batteries in his hearing aid. On one hand, I thought, good for you Ethan! But on the other hand, it struck me odd that someone so young would be using battery technology that is so old and expensive, requiring him to change the battery cells every few days. Why are hearing aid users stuck with using these tiny batteries? Why not have a hearing aid that can be charged as easily as the smartphone or a computer. 

Personal Sound Amplifiers - The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal recently published an article Pros and Cons of Inexpensive Hearing Aids Called PSAPs by Norm Cramption. The article featured a Q&A segment with Dr. Neil DiSarno, an audiologist and chief staff officer of audiology at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville, Md. 

Sound World Solutions on The Today Show

- Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sound World Solutions on The Today Show Personal sound amplifiers, such as the CS50 from Sound World Solutions, put more control in the hands of consumers than ever before to enhance hearing. They are incredibly easy to customize and control. With the benefits Bluetooth functionality provides in these personal sound amplifiers, the hearing aid industry has also started to make hearing aids compatible with Apple's iPhone, as well as other smartphones. 

Hearing Loss of America 2014 Convention | Personal Sound Amplifiers | Sound World SolutionsSound World Solutions was a sponsor of the 2014 convention of the Hearing Loss of America Association (HLAA). 

Visiting India

- Monday, June 23, 2014

A team from Sound World Solutions that included both of our co-founders recently traveled to India to explore opportunities and meet with prospective partners for the social mission aspect of our business. With only a few days available on this particular trip, the team spent a couple of days in Mumbai, followed by a couple of days in Bangalore. The meetings went well, and we expect to be able to share details about our company's next steps in the reasonably near future. What the trip reinforced for all of us, though, was just how vibrant India is as a marketplace. There are so many people, so much need, and such a strong drive for fulfilling those needs, that one cannot help but come away impressed with the people and the place. 

Social Isolation Due to Hearing Loss

- Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Businessman suffering from hard of hearingHearing loss often occurs gradually and is not detected early on by the person affected. Untreated hearing loss causes, among other things, social isolation. This could happen to people in any age group. 

CS50 Personal Sound Amplifier in the New York TimesIn Sunday's New York Times Technology Section, Sound World Solutions and our new CS50 Bluetooth personal sound amplifier was covered in Anne Eisenberg's article, Just Don't Call Them Hearing Aids. Below is an excerpt:

"One company in the market, Sound World Solutions, will introduce a second version of its CS10 Bluetooth-enabled sound amplifier and app in April, said Kevin Daniels, director of sales and marketing. The new model, called the CS50 and costing $399, allows wearers to program and control the in-ear amplifier via free apps for Android and iPhone smartphones. Both left- and right-ear versions are available.

"The product looks much like a Bluetooth headset, and not by accident. 'We designed it to look like a Bluetooth device, and not to look like a hearing aid,' Mr. Daniels said. The model lets users set their own auditory profiles, or use one of the preset levels, including one for the clamor of busy restaurants.

"Users can also stream music or audiobooks and make mobile phone calls, Mr. Daniels said. 'Whatever you pair this device to,' he said, 'it will play the audio in the device.' It uses a low-energy form of Bluetooth that lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, he said."

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On Christmas Eve, Sound World Solutions was covered on the CBS Evening News in a segment reported by Barry Petersen. Below is an excerpt and the segment video.

CBS Evening News & Sound World PSAIt's said the clacking of dominoes is the music of the Dominican Republic, but it's been years since the game sounded so good to retiree Fernando Velverde Baez, who lost his hearing because of old age.

"The difference is that you hear the sound even of the air, and the breeze," said Baez. "I hear a little bird, that little bird, that just chirped.”

Baez can hear the birds again because of Stavros Basseas, and a remarkable device from his company Sound World Solutions.

Baez doesn't care if his hearing aid is a little bulky or looks unfashionable, as long as he can now hear his wife say one thing. He said, "She would say, "I love you," and I wouldn't be able to hear well. Now she can whisper it to me, and I'll hear her."

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Centro Cristiano de Servicios MedicosMuch of the media coverage about the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier has discussed Sound World Solutions' social mission: to create a sustainable business model of providing affordable hearing devices in the developing world. That mission drives our company. While the CS10 was first launched in the U.S. market, its innovative design is intended to solve the many obstacles that exist in developing markets.  

Sound World Solutions Named a Finalist for the 2013 Chicago Innovation AwardsWe are honored that Sound World Solutions has been named a finalist for the 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards for our development of the CS10 personal sound amplifier. In addition to the award in our category, we may also be eligible for their 'Social Innovator' and 'Up and Comer' awards.