James R. Anderson

Principal Hearing Scientist


Jim Anderson has been a sound quality expert for more than 40 years, beginning as an audiophile during his college years when he designed and built his own hi-­fidelity preamplifiers, tape recorder electronics, stereo FM generators and subwoofers. A specialist in hearing aid design, Jim has earned 11 patents on technologies including integrated circuit design, low-­voltage/low-­power high-­performance circuitry, analog noise reduction, high-­efficiency switching amplifiers to improve battery performance, and active occlusion cancellation concepts.

From 1974 to 2000 Jim served as a Senior Research Engineer at Chicago-­based Beltone Electronics, an industry leader in hearing aids. During his time at Beltone, he specialized in the design and layout of the majority of Beltone's integrated circuits, including the analog-­to-­digital converter for the company's first digital hearing aid design. An expert in electroacoustics, Jim distinguished himself as the company's sound quality guru, helping Beltone establish a reputation for high-­quality sound amplification. In 1989 he began working with his colleague and soon to be friend Stavros Basseas.

Jim continued his work as Principal Engineer in Electroacoustics with GN Resound, which had acquired Beltone in 2000, mentoring his colleagues, becoming involved with Audiology efforts and representing GN Resound on the ANSI standards committee for measuring the performance of hearing aids and contributing to digital hearing aid algorithm performance. From 2008 to 2012 he served as Principal Scientist, his research work including lead investigation of and consequent patenting of methods to deal with the occlusion effect, work he pursued with GN Resound as an employee and also as an independent contractor through Andersound Labs, Inc., a company he established in 2008.

Jim was an early investor in Conversion Sound and in June 2012, he joined the company where he serves as Principal Hearing Scientist, specializing in electroacoustic and circuit design performance. He is responsible for creating the sound fidelity standard for the Sound World Solutions products, which uses advanced technology and low-­cost consumer electronics components for a programmable personal sound amplifier that can be easily and cheaply dispensed anywhere in the world.

Jim earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1972, specializing in circuit design. He is an annual guest lecturer for the Mead C. Killion audiology program at Northwestern and is an FCC First Class license holder and a licensed dispenser of hearing aid products.