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February, 2017                
Sound World Solutions has added a new product to our accessories!
Introducing the Comply Canal Tips for the HD100 Companion/Sidekick.

Try these for improved retention and seal for users who have experienced difficulty with the stock ear tips staying in the ear canal.

Check out the Comply Canal Tips in our Store!

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Companion Hearing Aid

Companion Hearing Aid

Superior audio performance and complete personalization for those with full time hearing challenges.

Only $449 for single / $735 for a pair

CS50+ Personal Sound Amplifiers

CS50+ Personal Sound Amplifier

Styled to look like a phone headset, with Bluetooth, for those who need a little help in certain situations.

Only $349 each

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My world has expanded. I hadn't realized how closed in I really felt. Thank you for giving me back the real world. I feel depression lifting every day!

My father's ability to hear has improved immensely. He loves it and never goes anywhere without it. I love the price tag.

The only problem is breaking my habit of saying 'what' when people are talking. I used to have to any time I was in a noisy environment. But now I hear them just fine.

The sound enhancer is a life saver. I have very expensive hearing aids but never wore them because of the hassle. Problem solved. Thank you!

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Our mission is to create hearing solutions that help all people, especially those who are underserved, rediscover the power of connection.

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Get our white paper on "The 5 Devastating Effects of Hearing Loss and What You Can Do About It".


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